Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Bank Holiday? What Bank Holiday?

OK, I might have have a couple of days of food and alcohol, but the last two days have been pretty busy with a) continuing the re-write of Oliver Drummond and The Four Horsemen, and b) emailing sooo many book review sites, requesting a review for Tiberius Found.

One major issue with these requests is that, although I'm following each site's guidelines, they're still very much unsolicited. The good sites with lots of followers are inundated with requests and take on a very low number of reviews, and the opposite ... well, it's all good but a lot of effort for a few followers to read (assuming that they actually like the book).

To be honest I'm not sure if going back to work will be a rest or if I'd rather just have the extra time "off" and carry on doing what I have been for the last two days.

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