Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Adieu, BSSC - it's been fun

Kaos Films has confirmed that the rumour about BSSC 2012 being the last competition, is true.

After eleven years the short screenplay competition is coming to an end. In their newsletter sent out yesterday they don't really say why they're stopping, but thank all the entrants, judges, sponsors etc over the years for helping it become one of the major annual competitions.

It's a shame. I last entered in 2009 with The Hitman (which later became Coffee, Biscuits and Bullets) and made it through to the semi-finals. The competition was a great concept and allowed anyone the chance to have a short professionally produced. Rival entries were consistently at a high standard but that only made people try harder.

Maybe Phil Gladwin's Writing Goldmine competition will take the BSSC's place in the competition calendar?

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