Monday, 7 May 2012

First Draft polish

It was almost light by the time I went to bed last night - by which I mean this morning - by the time I'd gone through the PDF formatted script of Salesmen Abroad. The last time I looked at the clock before bed it showed 4:37.

And here's a lesson for not editing in normal screen format - no matter how many times you read a piece you've written you can always miss some typos. I made myself go through it line by line and actually read it, not read what I knew I was expecting. What I found was a number of type errors - notably where I'd amended some text and either included a repeated word, or where a word was missing in order for the sentence to make sense. I think I've got them all.

But I'm not going to rely on that. I want to send Scott and Paul the script in a couple of days time, so I'll go through it (probably) another two times before the 'Send' button is hit, just to make sure I don't look silly.

There's good news from Paul about a potential director - Sergiu Prodan, a Moldavian director - and he's almost pre-cast an Czech actress for the love-interest role. From her picture she looks perfect, she just has to be able to kick a football.

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