Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Salesmen Abroad, treatment feedback

Both Scott Barber and Paul Wallis have given initial feedback on my treatment for Salesmen Abroad. And on the whole it's very positive - Paul suggest a slight tweak to the foreign location, and Scott has an issue with one of the character's sexuality.

Naturally, I think that how I've written the character's 'trait' works well and adds a level of depth to him which, in turn, gives him a sadness that - should it ever come to being filmed - viewers would sympathise/empathise with. The potential director, Steve Hughes, has apparently just finished filming in South Africa and has told Scott that he'll get around to reading the treatment later this week.

Now I'm certainly not precious about what I've written so far, and would be willing to make the suggested changes should I be 'asked' to but I hope that Steve can see what I've tried to create.

Of course, he might like that and hate the rest of it ...

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