Friday, 23 March 2012

Salesmen Abroad, Treatment Day #12

The last piece of the 40-card beat-sheet fell into place earlier this week and the actual writing of the Treatment for Salesmen Abroad started yesterday; story overview, descriptions of the main characters and finally a scene-by-scene breakdown. This'll be the first serious Treatment I've written and I'm trying to stay within the guidelines I've read about how they should look.

The trouble is: there doesn't seem to be a definitive format for how a Treatment should look. Kind of like a piece of string and its determined length.

Still, what's taking shape at least looks sensible to me, so I'm hoping it'll be OK.

What's making me a little anxious though is that Scott Barber (one of the producers) has emailed me to say that a director friend of his - Steve Hughes - is willing to have a look the Treatment with the possibility of being attached to it should the script ever make it through to production status. Steve's directed Dr. Who, Land Girls, Doctors, Holby City, to name but a few. Did I say anxious? No, that doesn't even cut it.

No guts, no glory though. Hold tight ... I'm going in.

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