Sunday, 18 December 2011

Tiberius read

Test reader #1 has finished reading the current draft of Tiberius Found and provided feedback. There were a few typos - notably towards the end, so that tells me I might have been rushing to get it finished and hadn't paid enough attention - and a few minor points concerning technical information beginning to sound like a lecture.

All the other comments were positive and they said that the ending was sufficiently appropriate and satisfactory. Bearing in mind that it wasn't the sort of novel they'd normally read I was happy with what they came back with. Reader #2 is, as I write, in the early stages but has assured me she will get through it all now that she's on Christmas holiday.

Julie Cuthbert has already started on the provisional artwork for the cover and has told me that when Santa brings her a new laptop next week, the artwork will be its first task. Well done, Santa.

Monday, 12 December 2011

Solaris acquires 'Babylon Steel' sequel

It's been announced that London-based sci-fi writer Gaie Sebold has had Hunter's Moon, her sequel to Babylon Steel, acquired by Solaris. Babylon Steel is due to be published in January 2012, with Hunter's Moon provisionally due for release in early 2013. Her agent, John Jerrold, sold Solaris the UK and US rights.

Gaie is a member of London's T Party Writers, along with published genre authors David Gullen and Sara-Jayne Townsend. The T Party Writers is an invite-only writer's group but sounds like it's one to be a part of.

Sunday, 11 December 2011

FilmNav is now live

A new website designed especially for British film-makers - FilmNav - went live on 5th December. FilmNav is the brainchild of producer Scott Barber, of SeaView Pictures, and is geared towards all aspects of film and film-making.

I had the honour of being invited to have at look at the site in a pre-live state and I must say that I was really impressed by the amount of work and effort put into it. The articles and information are worth their weight in gold and the links to other film-makers makes the art of collaboration a thing of beauty.

If you're involved in any aspect of film-making, or would like to be, then I recommend that you hop on over to FilmNav and take a look at what's going on. Be warned - you will need more time than you think if you're going to have a look at even half the content.

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Oliver Drummond ... the re-write

Stuart Palmer, in this month's Writing Magazine, says that "writing is quarrying, rewriting is sculpting" (and sadly, it's the last of his monthly insights for the 'Fantastic Realms' column). And I'm hoping that I'm doing a spot of sculpting with my re-write of Oliver Drummond and the Four Horsemen. I've started editing and the impact the changes have had on the story are already becomming apparent: character motivation, holding back of info, building doubt and suspicion.