Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Tough month

November's proving to be a tough month.

I started a new job at the tail-end of October, which is pretty much full-on and doesn't leave me a great deal of time (or energy) for writing. What has been good is that (as I said in my last post) is that I've completed the first full draft of Tiberius Found - my near-futuristic YA adventure. I've got two people reading it and so far feedback has been positive but at least one edit / re-draft will be done regardless (probably more).

I'm also starting to block out the amendments to my period YA adventure Oliver Drummond and the Four Horsemen, bearing in mind the Agent's feedback comments I received on it a while back. The amendments and alterations are proving to be a little awkward as they have a fair amount of knock-on effect with a lot of other elements - introducing a new sub-plot level, holding back significant details until a later point as well as a general tidy up.

But I know that the story will be better for it. Why didn't I write it like that to begin with? Ah, if only ...

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