Saturday, 26 November 2011

Tiberius feedback

Early feedback has been coming in for the the first (draft) of Tiberius Found. Not that it's really the first draft, just the first full, complete version of the story. The early chapters - maybe about half of the story - have been worked on a fair bit and tweaked for this version.

So far most of the comments have been about word repetition (or using words with a similar origin) and multiple uses of a particular descriptive action. Which is fair enough as the story - from start to finish - took about eighteen months or so to write. Descriptive actions that I used early on would have been forgotten about with the later work, so I can forgive myself their overuse and change them accordingly.

Local author and artist Julie Cuthbert has agreed to do the cover art and the discussions we originally had about it seem to fit the style of the story and the target market. I'm looking forward to seeing the first prototypes.

As for Oliver Drummond and the Four Horsemen - the re-worked blocking structure is going very well. Some major changes to revelations and secondary character motivation/action meant a pretty hefty alteration to the storyline with the knock-on effect of everything from the start of the second act onwards having to be amended/tweaked/dropped like hot coals. But the new version, I think, will work much better for the market I'm aiming it at.

Writing will begin soon.

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