Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Q R Markham apologies ...

... but did he use someone else's apology?

Q R Markham, the pen name for Brooklyn poet Quentin Rowan, has apologised (at last) for his uber plagiarised novel Assassin of Secrets. The article in today's Guardian can be read here. Basically he says that the pressures in confidence of his own 'voice' - "to conceal my own voice with the armour of someone else's words" - led him to copy wholesale passages of other authors works including 007 story writer John Gardner.

I'm not sure what level of understanding or compassion there will be for him within the publishing / writing world. Sure, I can comprehend the fact that there must be huge amounts of expectations with the first novel (I think it was his first novel) of a bestselling poet, but hey there must have been a point where he thought 'I'm not going to get away with this' and just come clean - hopefully way before the printed books were due to be placed on shelves.

His UK Agents Little, Brown are, apparently, highly embarrassed over this - and with good reason. Everyone concerned - both in the UK and in the US - should have picked up on the plagiarised elements way before it got to the print stage. School boy errors made by people paid high sums to do better.

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