Sunday, 27 November 2011

The Killing II

The new series of the fantastic The Killing has just aired parts three and four over here in the UK. And what a long time coming it's been.

Forbrydelsen II, as it's called in it's native Danish, once again follows Sarah Lund (played by the award winning Sofie Grabol). But this time, following the disgraces heaped upon her at the end of the original series, she starts the new ten-part story working at a remote border control point. After the brutal murder of a woman with ties to both the military and political circles, Sarah is 'invited' to help out. Naturally she takes a different viewpoint from her new colleague and sees clues / has instinctive reasoning which others do not.

The trail of deaths continue which impact on the higher levels of Government and the military, and (so far) suggest a link to events which happened in Afghanistan a few years before, by a small military unit which is quickly losing its remaining members. Similar to the original series there are red-herrings galore and the line between good-guys and bad-guys are blurred. One of the good things that the writer(s) and director(s) does/do is conceal the true motivation of some of the characters, so the viewer doesn't know if they're genuine or just very, very dodgy. Are the murders terrorist-related? Are they revenge for what happened in Afghanistan? Or is there a more sinister reason?

The Killing 2 is half as long as the original - ten episodes - shown over five weeks. Two back-to-back episodes are being aired on Saturday nights (in the UK) on BBC4 9 - 11pm, with a repeat on Wednesdays 10.30pm-12.30am. The third series, I understand, is currently being filmed. What's the chances of another one after that?

Grabol continues with her character's po-faced hardness but has deeper scars now following the events of the original series - the death of Jan Meyer, her relationship break-up and the disgrace the Copenhagen police hierarchy landed her with.

However, some things have changed. Gone is Lund's famous cream and black sweater from series one to be replaced by a red number. With Christmas just under a month away I expect sales have already gone through the roof.

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