Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Up and Downs

My fourth week at Queens Park Centre and my eBook writing course went off last night, with almost a full house. We had nine of the ten that have ever attended.

Some are getting really into it and have already generated cover art-work. In fact one of them - an artist, already - has produced a cover that wouldn't look out of place on a professionally published piece of work. I'm even thinking about commissioning her to do my next cover.

Those that have produced work for me to offer feedback have received my notes well and have already began to amend their work. They all seem to be really enjoying the class and it's nice to think that I'm helping them.

I've received two rejections this week. One for a very short story; they liked my writing style (which is good) but not the story subject matter. The other for the short screenplay I wrote for the script call off Shooting People; Anti-Thought Crime.

All part of the game, I guess. Keep smiling, keep writing.

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