Sunday, 16 October 2011

In The Mood screening

This morning I went to a screening of Adam Coop's In The Mood - his short film set on VJ Day about a village girl whose G.I. boyfriend is about to be shipped back home. Adam wrote and directed the film - through his Angelic Films production company - as a vehicle for the three central characters who in real life are 'The Polka Dots' an American-style close harmony swing trio consisting of (from left to right) Michelle, Ella-Louise and Laura, managed by Scott Jordan Entertainment.

I acted as a 'Runner' for the shoot - spending most of the first mammoth day asking people to be quiet - and the second (much shorter day - only twelve hours) as the only Runner but also helping out the Art department. It was actually very interesting - as a wannabe writer, seeing it from a production perspective was an education.

There were about a hundred cast/crew/family at the Empire Cinema in High Wycombe this morning and I thought that the present cut was pretty good. It really does have a 'big screen' feel. The film still needs a little cleaning and when that's done (and after Adam's sorted out some copyright issues over the music) it'll hopefully be entered into a number of festivals.

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