Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Happy writers

The scheduled, penultimate, week of my eBook writing course at Queens Park Centre in Aylesbury went ahead last night. Now, when I originally planned this course with the Centre administrator we didn't know how, it at all, popular it'd be - previous writing classes there hadn't been well attended at all - so in their brochure we only stated a six-week course.

However, I'm really happy to say the guys on the course are really enjoying it and tell me that they're getting a benefit from it. They're coming back each week, so that's a good sign. So, I'll be running the same course starting again in the New Year which will have identical promo material as this course had, but to keep the momentum rolling I'm going to be continuing the monday night meetings (after half term) with the current people as more of a casual writing 'workshop'.

A couple of the guys have also asked about including some time to cover screen-writing, as well, which is nice as it gives me something else to get my teeth into.

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