Sunday, 30 October 2011

A Good Weekend's Writing

I started a new job last Monday and as everyone who starts a new job knows, it can be fairly full-on for the first week. The job is teaching in a controlled, secure environment and with some very strict protocols and procedures.

As such the working day is pretty tiring and by the time I get home writing is one of the things which doesn't rank high on a to-do list. I'm hoping that once I get settled in, the writing will once again feature in my evening schedule.

However, I made a concerted effort to get some words down this weekend and, as I'm within sight of the 1st draft completion of Tiberius Found, I'm happy to say that I've cracked out another 1,400 words bringing the current total to just over 73,000.

I'm on to the last chapter which is pretty much the tie-up and tidy-up chapter. The big climax has just been done and all that's left is the wrap up.

Tomorrow should prove interesting as I'm back at work and then have the continuation of my eBook writing course/woorkshop at the Queens Park Centre ...

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