Wednesday, 19 October 2011

The Final Curtain

For my original six-week eBook writing course at Queens Park Centre, anyway.

I've been really pleased that the turnout for the classes has been pretty constant and, if the feedback given is to be believed, very well received. The Centre seem really happy with the response saying that the previous 'writing classes' haven't been as well attended.

When I originally approached the Centre back in the late spring we didn't know who or how many people would be interested in the course so in the current (autumn) Centre brochure we agreed that the listing would only show it as being a six-week run, with no carry-on after the upcoming half-term. What we've now agreed is that in the next brochure (winter) we'll advertise two six-week courses running either side of the first half-term in the New Year.

For the guys who've just completed the course I've agreed to run 'workshops' in the intervening weeks to help with any issues/problems they have in developing their stories. What's been really interesting is that a few of them have shown an interest in having one session dedicated to screenwriting, to give them a basic overview of how it works and the differences between narrative and screenplay format.

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