Monday, 12 September 2011

Ok. The first of my eBook creative writing lessons at the Queen's Park Centre kicked off with a pretty good turnout, considering what I was given to believe might happen.


Thanks Steve (or should that be Mr Austin?) but that's just six, not six million.

I think it went pretty well - for the most part they seemed to be interested and got involved when prompted. The fifteen-minute writing exercise produced work and they all appeared to be taking notes and asking questions.

I guess I'll see if it was as good as I hope it was if they all turn up next week. Fingers crossed.


Freya Morris said...

Good luck! Hope the next one goes well too.

Me said...

Thanks, Freya. I've already had one of the people say how much they enjoyed it and have asked about screenwriting lessons as well.

Freya Morris said...

Great news! Congrats.