Tuesday, 20 September 2011

eBook writing course - Week 2

The second week of my eBook writing course at Queens Park Centre went ahead last night - and I had most of the six that came on week one come back!

One lady couldn't make it for personal reasons (but her husband attended), one of the guys was a no-show and we had a new woman. The guys from week one managed to do the homework I set them - pretty much - and I was really quite pleased with what they managed to produce. One of the ladies - who wants to write and illustrate a children's story - revealed that she was slightly dyslexic, and was so 'frightened' about letting me read what she'd written, she was actually shaking. But she managed to produce a really interesting premise which has good scope, so she left with a broad smile.

The homework was for them to do a first draft of their story. Pretty daunting, but as I won't get it back until week three it doesn't leave much time to help them with it before the end of the course.

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