Thursday, 25 August 2011

Tiberius breaks 65,000 mark

Momentum is a strange thing. Once pace has been achieved it seems so much easier to keep going. I know that's not any great revelation for the world of physics but it really is surprising how much easier it seems when you have it.

I hadn't been paying as much attention to finishing my Tiberius Found story a month or so back, as I should have, but over the last few weeks - as I'm sure you're aware of - I've been knuckling down and had a concerted effort to complete the first draft.

Today - and I haven't finished yet, just taking a break you know - I broke through the 65,000 word mark, which means that in the last month or so I've written in excess of 10,000 words. Again, not hugely earth-shattering, but now that I can really see the finish line I feel more like having a final push to get it done.

And - and this is perhaps more important - I'm actually happy with the work done. It'll need more than a polish afterwards - as all work does - but for now I'm pretty happy with what I've done so far. Words  + contentment = happy writer.

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