Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Happy Birthday UK Scriptwriters

Danny Stack and Tim Clague - the 'brains' behind the UK Scriptwriters - are 1 year old! That is, the Podcast they do not the fine gentlemen themselves: they're WAY older. Tim and Danny are well known writers in the industry and each month they produce a podcast which covers a selection of screenwriting areas.

If you haven't caught any of their past podcasts then I can highly recommend them - they're fun as well as being educational. I know; how does that work?

And each month they have a 'guess the film quote' competition. Danny does his famous Leprechaun* impersonation and says a well-known film quote. All you have to do (once you stop laughing at how bad his accent is) is identify the film the quote comes from. They're being co-sponsored by Industrial Scripts at the moment and the prize consists of a place on one of their script reading courses, as well as some other goodies.

*It's OK - it's not racism as Danny comes from the Emerald Isle.

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