Thursday, 18 August 2011

A good/bad day

Yesterday was a good day (for writing).

It was a bad day on Monday in respect to Banking customer service (Santander) who still, it seems, want to hang on to my money from a closed account as long as they can. B*stards! First they send me an un-signed cheque then go through the process of wondering why this is a problem for me. I was told another chq would be raised (last Wednesday) but when didn't arrive I had to call again. Apparently emails have been deleted and no one knows why - the upshot being no new chq has been issued.

I loved the Supervisor's choice of language when she said that she was grateful that I had 'allowed' her the time to resolve the problem. As if I had any real say in the matter - they do what they want in their own sweet time. A new chq might be raised in 5-7 (working) days.

My advice for anyone considering opening a business account with Santander - DON'T.

Anyway - stress levels reduced I got on with writing and knocked out a 1,000+ word day on my Tiberius Found story. First in a while. And a 1,000 words that I'm pretty happy with, so it's all good news. It's nearing the end and it's all starting to go wrong for our hero. Oh, dear.

*the pic is from the Santander are Shit Facebook page. Makes interesting reading ...

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