Tuesday, 19 July 2011

It's been a while ...

... since the last post, so time for an update.

Like most years I've been glued to the ITV4 coverage of the Tour de France. I'm not a cyclist and the TdF is the only one I regularly watch, but what a sporting event it is. Three weeks of sheer pain (for the riders who are lucky enough to ride it all) with some horrendous mountains in their way. It seems that only broken bones will stop these professionals; with mere thirty-odd stitches and thigh-long road rash injuries being a petty inconvenience to them.

Professional footballers, take note.

And it's great news that Mark Cavendish is leading in the Green Jersey Points competition. Let's hope he wears green all the way to the sprint finish in Paris (where he'll win, of course)

In the last week or so I've been cracking on with the Tiberius Found story, generating lesson plans for a creative writing course I'm due to run in September and finalising the results for the recent Meridian Writing summer competition. I had a formal interview for a sessional tutor's job yesterday (which went OK, I think) and celebrated by buying the Writers' and Artists' Handbook 2012 on my way back home.

If you don't get any of the various 'Yearbooks' that Bloomsbury produce, then you should. They're invaluable assets that every writer should make use of.

Oh, and I'd like to welcome Noel, as a new follower. Great to have you along.

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