Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Blink and you've missed Luther

So, the fourth episode - and apparently last in the second series - of BBC's Luther starring Idris Elba (left) was shown last night, and it was still on cracking form. The twin killers playing a point-scoring game was utterly believable and the calm, sinister way that they went about their business was frighteningly realistic.

The petrol-dousing climax in the empty trailer could have gone either way with Luther becoming more and more like a Mel Gibson-esque nut-job. I wasn't a fan of the original series - feeling that the character of Luther was just a bit too OTT, but the writing, acting & direction of this series has turned me into a believer.

One thing I wasn't really sure of was that there were only four episodes (two 2-part stories) in this series. Can we really call it a series? There must have been such a high level of money committed to producing this that surely more episodes should have been warranted? I'm guessing that a third series has been, or will shortly be, commisioned. If this is the form of the team then it has to be a given.

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