Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Selling Sweeney update

Well, it's been another long while since I last had an email from Scott Barber (the Producer) at SeeView Pictures regarding the Selling Sweeney script. However, one came through today. The director still didn't like the last offering and re-wrote it, putting his name first on the script ...

Now, you must understand Scott's initial vision was of a slick, Steve McQueen-type, hustle story that was current, modern and ultimately uplifting. He wanted this in no more than ten pages. The latest script suggested by the director came in at 27 pages.

I'm not too disappointed in hearing that Scott and the director have parted ways. It's annoying that it's taken months to get to this position with nothing happening but (hopefully) it will mean a new director will be attached who shares Scott's vision.

It may also mean more re-writes, but hopefully the script will still be filmed before the end of summer. My fingers are crossed.

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