Friday, 10 June 2011

Selling Sweeney latest ...

Well, it's all change again.

As reported in my last post it had been several weeks since Scott Barber of SeeView Pictures mailed me about Selling Sweeney and what was going to happen with it. Scott mailed me yesterday to let me know that, due to budget constraints, Selling Sweeney is going to be put 'on the back burner' for the time being, but he still has the desire to film it in the near future.

And, with that in mind, he asked if I wanted to write him a max 10-page script based in a dentist's office, with two characters and with a Hammer House of Horror feel. Of course I said yes. This is interesting because, way back when, it was a Horror script call from Scott which first got me in touch with him.

I immediately started jotting down ideas and over the last two days wrote a 7-page script provisionally called Novocaine Will Numb the Pain. It features a dodgy dentist and (hopefully) an enjoyable twist. I sent him the first version earlier today and so far he's happy with it. Maybe this will be my first filmed work?

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