Thursday, 30 June 2011

You just can't please some people ...

Everyone, it seems, is bagging out J.K. Rowling and her decision to e-publish her Harry Potter through her new Pottermore company. Some claim that it'll decimate an already dodgy market, that she's turning her back on the system that made her and sticking two-fingers up at them.

What a load of b*llocks.

What they all are seemingly forgetting is that it's her decision to make. These bricks and mortar companies have no claim over the HP entity or how the intellectual property is managed or treated. By JK restricting the outlet of the HP ebooks - going out over a multitude of platforms - she is allowing them to be more freely obtained and not 'dominated' by any one (already established) commercial provider. She is keeping control of the HP brand - just as she's done from the start.

She retained the e-publishing rights to the books (so the story goes) at a time when even email was thought daring and new, so fair play to her. Those that are whining now should stop complaining abut what they think they might be losing and just be eternally grateful that JK helped them sell millions of hard- and paperback copies of the series over the last however many years. They should be concentrating on nurturing new talent and not dwell on the gravy train that left the station years ago.

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