Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Well, I've bitten the bullet and sent off my Alibi TV's New Crimewriter competition story. Bitten the bullet - crime - get it? Okay, I give up. Hopefully my story will be appreciated better than that. At least I'm not trying to write comedy.

My story is called 'The Dead Ground' and it focuses on the murder of a local rifle club member on Exmoor who had claimed to have shot The Emperor Stag, in October 2010. It took me two days to get 99% of it written and another couple to fine-tune/check for typos/grammar etc. I know the deadline isn't for a while (1st May) but I could've tweaked it for weeks and not made it any better.

Apart from the story having to be well written (obviously) the organisers are looking for a piece which has 'a strong sense of place'. I'm hoping that the location (around Exmoor), specific topography (Somerset red mud), actual events (the shooting of the Emperor Stag) and character name (DI Chedzoy) help to convey all that they're looking for.

The eight shortlisted stories - one each from North England, South England, Midlands, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, along with two wild-card stories - will be announced on 1st June and put to public vote. I'll let you know how it goes. Fingers crossed.

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