Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Has it really been that long ...?

Has it really been eleven days since my last post. Phew, really? Wow.

Still, lots happening. My business (the restaurant) closed on Saturday. It was a long time coming and the hanging-on-by-the-fingernails had gone on far too long and it was time to shut up shop. At least there was some symmetry with the final night being a private function for a Hen party - my first function was a Hen party, so it seemed appropriate to end on the same. The thirteen women were quite kind and I didn't get de-bagged.

With the closure of the restaurant it means that I can now move away and start again. I'll be out of sunny Somerset by the end of the month and ensconced into Aylesbury (I haven't found an alliteration for it yet), so have lots of logistical things to sort out.

One thing coinciding with my move away is the last two parts of the splendid Danish crime thriller/drama The Killing on BBC Four. Twenty hours of TV which has been gripping from the first minutes of the opening episode. It's just a shame that it's been given a late night slot on Saturdays and repeated on Wednesdays, and on a cable/satellite channel. Accepted, it does have some strong language and the subject matter is not for the easily shocked but it's nothing which isn't on regular TV with a better viewing window.

Scott Barber has let me know that the filming of Selling Sweeney is still looking good for an April shoot but doesn't have any hard dates yet.

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