Monday, 14 February 2011

Valentine's Day ... and all that brings

I got caught up in a conversation the other day as seeing as though it's St Valentine's Day, it seems appropriate to mention it. Someone at work - a customer who is a semi-regular visitor - started telling me that he's recently signed up to an online dating service, and was surprised about how well it was going.

Apparently he found the particular dating site as a result of a web search and viewing top dating sites. Now this particular guy wouldn't be the sort of person you'd immediately picture as the typical dating service member: he's in his fifties, and divorced with no kids. It was towards the end of the evening and he'd had a few glasses of wine, and he was telling me he was surprised about the amount of interset he was getting from ladies of a similar age; mostly just after friendship and someone to spend time with.

I think online dating services have a bad rep but if it's working for this guy then all power to him, I say. Me? I'm sorted, thanks.

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