Tuesday, 8 February 2011

'Selling Sweeney' latest

Scott took possession of the latest (and possibly 'shooting') script for 'Selling Sweeney' today. All things being equal it's still looking promising for a shoot in march/april, with the possibility of Mark Savage (Grange Hill's Gripper Stebson) taking the role of the 'bad guy' Peter Franks. This has yet to be confirmed but I think he'd have just the right level of smarm and arrogance the character needs.

Anyone who watched Grange Hill in the 80s may not recognise the name Mark Savage, but should definitely remember the uber-Bully Gripper Stebson he played. Mark is similar in style to Danny Dyer, but hasn't had the break-through success that Mr Dyer's enjoyed. Maybe this project will propel him back into the limelight?

Scott's already got a composer on board and has lined up meetings with people on both sides of the camera for when he's back in the UK in a week or so's time. I'm trying to remain calm and relaxed about it all. I wonder how long that'll last?

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