Sunday, 20 February 2011

Selling Sweeney and Other Scripts

After a few more emails with notes from the director and Scott another version (dare I say the last ...) of Selling Sweeney has been written. It incorporates some of the ideas of the director whilst staying true to the original concept - and I think it's much better for it.

Dialogue which didn't really contribute was mercilessly hacked out to make room for scenes which added depth to the emotional reason behind the protagonists motives as well as making it clear what a shit the antagonist is.

I think the ending is much stronger now and adheres to Scott's original concept for the mood of the piece. And I've managed to keep it withing ten pages! Although, interestingly - if it were formatted into US Letter, it would add a whole extra page to it.

There's still rough shooting date of march/april so right now it all looks good.

Also, I've loaded Coffee, Biscuits and Bullets as an extra page to this blog - you can either click on the link here or link via the 'Work (Finished or In Progress)' section to the right. Any directors/producers out there who see it and like it then by all means get in touch and we can discuss it.

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