Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Latest version anxiety

So. The second version of the screenplay went to a director - someone reasonably important within the BBC and a friend of the producers. Eeek.

A reply email came back quite quickly - frighteningly quickly - with suggestions and comments. A re-write was in order. And quite a big one because the central premise wasn't that well liked.

So a re-write (about 90% owing to the changes needed to accommodate the change) was finished today and sent off to the producer. The biggest problem I had was changing the ending to try and satisfy what I thought the director would be more content with. I'm happy that what I've done with the re-write is still perfectly suitable, and hope that that opinion is continued down the line. Or should that up the line?

Anyway, I still await hearing whether the mid-February meet between producer, director and yours truly will actually happen. On a positive note I did see the producer post a casting call request for the main character today via Shooting People, so hopefully that's a sign that he's still keen to progress this project with me attached.

The upside is still that I've been in the position to write to a (hopefully) high standard three versions of something within a tight deadline. That exercise alone is one that would probably not have happened had I not answered the original script call, and shows me that I can produce when the situation calls for it.

I have the work and I have the experience. Even if it all falls apart now (and that would really SUCK) I've still come out of this ahead.

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