Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Birthday Gift Requests

With several birthdays coming up in the next few months of close friends and family I thought I'd get ahead of the game and ask what people might want as gifts, rather than just getting something last minute that was neither apprpriate nor wanted. And what a diverse list I was given. Some ranging from the unexpected 'new car' (do they really think I'm made of money?) to 'oh, just anything. I don't mind'.

However, some of the specific requested items included the immensly affordable gillette mach 3 razor. For a man, I might add. The ladies seemed to opt for a set of GHDs - pink being the prefered colour. The young lad who works for me suggested a timex ironman watch because he does triathalons. And last but by no means least the request for one of the flotec pumps range.

By my calculations I think that a few people might get a birthday and christmas present in one. Unless, of course I win the lottery in which case that person can have her new Saab.

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