Wednesday, 19 January 2011

War of the Dead (AKA Stone's War) Update

Thanks to Shona McWilliams for letting me know that the long-awaited 'War of the Dead' (AKA 'Stone's War') will be premiered at the Berlin Film Festival, next month. It's taken five years but as Peter D. Lago reports, the final sound mix and print master has been finished.

As some of you may know it stars my old mate Andrew Tiernan as Capt Martin Stone, the leader of a group of American and Finnish soldiers sent into Russia during WW2, on a secret mission. They soon discover a Hitler-funded program to develop an army of the undead (zombies), where it all goes wrong. Horribly wrong, which is the way we all like it.

The (very) rough footage I saw a while back looked pretty good but apparently the final sound, FX and print are really something good. Peter reports that the film has already acquired release in 20 territories but not yet America, which is the big one. Let's hope that after the BFF showing it'll get a disribution deal across the pond.

I'll let you know the exact premier date when the BFF releases its schedule in a couple of weeks time.

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Peter D. Lago said...

Hello again! I heard back from Marko this morning, and in his email he states that the film's color timing will start next monday. They are trying to make it in time to screen the film at the Berlin Film Festival. If nothing has been mentioned on Berlin's site, then I'm sure there's probably quite a bit of behind-the-scenes stuff happening. I asked Marko to keep me posted! I'll let you know if I hear anything else!