Thursday, 13 January 2011

Oliver Drummond update

I had an email from Jo Hayes at the Bell Lomax Moreton agency a couple of hours ago with her thoughts after having a full read of 'Oliver Drummond and the Four Horsemen'. Although she's not jumped up and down waving a flag to offer me a huge contract (I wish) she has offered constructive revision notes and said that as she sees '... something in it ...' she'd be happy to re-read it once I've had the opportunity to re-work it.

How good is that? Getting revision notes off an agency is certainly a step forward and the offer to have another look is fantastic.

I need to have a think about her suggestions (which all make sense) and how I can weave them into what's already there, before just banging out something without thinking it all through. This is all part of the process of listening to an agent or editor and knowing that all they're really concerned with is making the end result as good as it can be.

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