Monday, 10 January 2011

2011 update

Nearly a week since my last post and much to update on:

90% of my tax paperwork has been sorted - only the last few vestiges remain to get finished. Phew.

Progress on the new story is coming along nicely - I'm averaging about 750 words a day on it at the moment, with a projected end date first draft of late February. I'm trying to get something down every day but find that it doesn't always happen. That's not to say that it isn't still being worked on. I'm discovering that I'm one of those writers who, when standing at a plot or development hurdle and isn't sure the best way forward, just has to take the dogs on a long walk and let my mind mull it over.

More often than not I come back with the solution or a new direction. The excel spreadsheet detailing the high-view chapter breakdowns is getting amended many times a day. I plot. I structure and need to know how I get from one step to the other. Some writers do it differently, citing that such plotting is too rigid and kills creative flair. Tosh, in my opinion. It helps me flesh out the story and helps me identify any weak areas needing propping up.

If a story is going in a direction I don't like then it's no big deal to 'delete' and add something new.


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