Thursday, 16 December 2010

Making mouse sounds ...

I received another e-mail yesterday from an Agent (or at least the representative of an Agency) regarding the Horseshoe story. It started off as the standard form rejection mails: 'Thanks for your opening chapters, which we read with great interest ...' but there wasn't a 'but' after it.

Instead she asked if I was still looking for representation, and would I send her the full manuscript?

After a minute of re-reading the mail to make sure that I'd read it properly I started to dust off and polish the rest of the story. It took about six hours altogether to go through and touch-up the rest of the chapters: taking a comma out here, putting one in there, changing some of the words around, taking some out, putting some in.

I called her a short while ago to make sure that she was OK with me sending it as an attachment, and she genuinely seemed eager to read the rest of the story. Eeeek. Now I know that this really doesn't mean anything and it may not pass the next hurdle, but it's at least a step with forward motion. Now the waiting game continues ...

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