Thursday, 25 November 2010

The last week

Has it been over a week since I was here? Seems like a lot has happened.

I've amended the opening chapter for 'Oliver Drummond and the Four Horsemen', following a swathe of rejections. I had the first real constructive comments from an agent (Elinor Cooper) and have acted upon them. A HUGE section of the opening pages went and the action now starts with a real bang. What's good is that I was able to include maybe half of the cut section (an astral projection scene revealing backstory) much later into the novel, which fits in nicely.

On the back of this I've submitted to a number of other agents - god bless the Writer's Handbook and their website.

Also, last night was the local 'writer's meeting' I attend in Taunton. There was only two other guys there last night - I suspect the others were watching 'The Apprentice' - but it was a great night. Richard and Michael are really nice guys and the few hours in the pub fly by. Richard's a published author who's worked in TV for many years and Michael's an aspiring writer like me. What was good was just as we were about to go I asked Michael what he was currently working on, and he said one of the most intriguing concepts I've heard in a long time. I won't repeat it here, as he's cracking on finishing the first draft script, but it's not something I've heard before and sounds really exciting.

That's one of the benefits of meetings like this - listening to what other people are doing and bouncing ideas around.

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