Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Jason Arnopp's 'Stormhouse'

The ever-busy Jason Arnopp has announced the details of his latest work - it's a horror (surprise, surprise) feature called 'Stormhouse', directed by Dan Turner. Set in 2002 it centres on 'ghost whisperer' Hayley Sands (played by Katie Flynn) who is brought in to communicate with an 'entity' after it has been captured by the military. Then, apparently, everything goes ghost-shaped.

Jason's full post can be seen on his blog - http://www.jasonarnopp.blogspot.com/

It looks and sounds great - as you'd expect from him after all of his work with the Dr Who franchise, and all started with just five words from Dan Turner: 'the military capture a ghost'. Brilliant. Obviously a rounded story has to be crafted from this, but what a concept. Is the 'ghost' good, is it evil, does it just want to get home, is it not in fact a ghost at all and just a personification of someone's mental ability? I don't know what the base storyline is, but knowing Jason it'll be something pretty good.

Details have yet to be announced about the release date and locations, but I reckon it'll be something to look out for.

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