Friday, 15 October 2010

Submission Anxiety

Its been a busy few days for me. Not with my regular job, you understand - the restaurant's holding on, but not by much. No, it's been the writing that's been busy.

Late yesterday afternoon I started to email submissions to a number of Agents selected from 'The Writer's Handbook'. I'd highlighted a number of potentials; based on info in the handbook, and then looked at their websites to see what the current state-of-play was. Some aren't looking at the moment, some have full lists, but a number are still open to unsolicited material in the area I'm aiming this work at - the YA market.

I emailed ten Agents yesterday and another two this morning with three to go in the post on Monday. A little earlier I got a mail from an Agent at A P Watt Ltd asking for the first three chapters by email. My first thought was that I'd forgotten to attach them in the original mail, but no. A P Watt ask for the synopsis to be included in the initial cover email. So maybe the synopsis looked okay.

I know it's nothing to get excited about but it's a step forward. If she doesn't like the chapters then I'll have at least learned something - the synopsis is okay but the writing still needs work. Now the wait begins.

I guess like all writers, particularly new ones, submitting work to the slush pile is a daunting task. Maybe the work could do with just another look before I send it anywhere? I've re-visited the Horseshoe story so many times that I'm not sure any more polishing will make a difference at this point. It's time to send it out into the world and see if it can stand up.

I've had rejections in the past, and undoubtedly will have more to come, but if I don't send work out, then I'm not a writer, I'm a dabbler.

Who knows - maybe in a year or so - just in time for Christmas, perhaps, 'Oliver Drummond and the Four Hosremen' will be available at all good bookshops and online retailers. If it is, it'd make the perfect present for your little darling ...

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