Monday, 4 October 2010

No Classes Yet

A lesson plan was compiled. Sample short scripts were printed out. A work-list prepared. There was only one thing missing: anyone interested in the class.

The guys at Minehead Eye say that they probably didn't do enough publicity for their courses - and I don't think that mine is the only one to suffer from lack of interest - and that a lack of awareness is the more likely reason for low or no interest. We've left it now until after half term (three weeks time) and see if places can be filled for a re-start when the new term kicks in.

Still, that gives me more time to re-develop a script I started a few years back - got hammered by Lucy Hay at Bang2Write - and left on the metaphorical shelf. I recently went back to it and looked at it with fresh eyes.

The glaring issues with it that Lucy raised are now apparent and I've been re-working it to cut out the dross, the redundant exposition and internal narrative and think I'm making headway. So far I've cut 15 pages of 'filler' or 'not needed' from the first episode as was - 60 pages down to 45. I just need to re-fill the time with suitable scenes which drive the story on and add either to character or plot. I've already pre-cut 20 pages from the second 'episode' which had scenes that explained why a particular character acts the way they do. I might re-shuffle this and keep about a page. Write, re-write and edit. Words to live by.

It's a 3-part action/drama set in 2023 with the back-drop of religious terrorism, political double-crossing and knowing who to trust. The current working title is 'The Killing Ground'. I'm sure either the guys at BBCWritersroom or Red Planet (next year) will snap it up. Mmmm, wishful thinking, perhaps.


Lucy V said...

Hey, why wouldn't they? You gotta be your own biggest fan, remember!!!

Nice to hear from you again Andy, been ages x

Andy Goodman said...

Hey Lucy,
It's been a while. The bruises from your beating are healing well and I'm almost ready to come back into the world ;)
I might be brave enough to send you more work in the near future.
Hope you're well, Andy