Monday, 11 October 2010

Another submission

Today I finished polishing the first episode (of three) of my political/action/drama script - 'The Killing Ground' and posted it off to the BBC writersroom. I've only sent them one thing before; my first ever attempt at a script - 'He Came Back'. It was about a girl who's convinced that the man who assaulted her as a child has come back into her life, even though another man is still serving jail-time for the crime. Despite many etiquette faux-pas's (such as 'we see' and 'we hear') it still got a full read - which I later found out was only about 10% of all submissions they receive - so I was very happy with that.

We'll have to wait and see how this one does. I'll be disappointed if it doesn't get a full read, as I'm confident that it's a damn site better than 'HCB', has sound characterisation and a good, dramatic reveal at the end of the episode. Of course, the only trouble with writersroom is the length of time it takes to go through their system: three to six months on average. Still, if they get a move on it could be on the TV by Christmas 2011. Yeah, right.

Now that leaves me with a decision to make. Do I go back to 'Tiberius : Found' (my not-too-distant future story of a lad who finds out he's been genetically engineered), or start something new? I've plotted out the 'TB' storyline, but at the moment nothing's grabbing me about it so maybe it needs re-looking at, at some point.

At the top of my hit-list is getting the first three chapters of my 'Oliver Drummond' story polished and sent out to Agents. Gasp. I'm pretty happy with it but I'm sure a touch of tweaking will make me feel better about it. Still, yet to hear back from the 'test group' which either means that they hated it or just weren't interested to begin with. A friend of mine - David Gullen - has had another short story accepted, I think he's up to mid-20s now, and is a writing machine. One of his philosphies is submit, submit, submit. And I don't mean give in.

I know that this is partly a numbers game. Write what you like, improve your 'inner voice' and get better at this crazy gig called writing. Hopefully, if you're really any good at all, it's only a matter of time before your work is recognised. It won't be long before David's pulling in big numbers, and with any luck I won't be far behind him.

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