Wednesday, 17 October 2007

RP Delay

It seems that the guys at Red Planet are still wading through the Stack (no pun intended) of entries, and hope to let anyone who has progressed know by the end of the month.

I started to review the Short that made it through three rounds of the BSSC today. I only wrote it a few months ago, but boy they must have been kind letting it get so far! I wrote it before having any real feedback on scripts I put together, so I class it as part of my B.L. phase. (That's Before Lucy, in case you were wondering...)

I used lots of Narrative 'we see', 'we hear' etc and have some Description blocks covering up to eight or nine lines. It made sense to me at the time and looked fine, but now that I'm A.L. (go on, you can work it out), it looks as if it was written by a Noddy. And, indeed, it was.

So, re-working the structure, dialogue, pace etc began today. As it only runs into 14 pages, the re-working isn't going to be huge, but I'm pretty confident that the end result will be much cleaner and to-the-point.

I'm off to That London tomorrow for a three day seminar, so I'm guessing no writing until next week. I'll be taking my notebook with me, though...

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