Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Kaos Crash!

The semi-finalists for the Kaos/NFTS BSSC comp were announced today...

I didn't get through.

But, it's the first competition that I've entered so I'm pretty happy to have got as far as I had with a script that I wrote in an afternoon and didn't really analyse after the fact or have it PO3'd or reviewed by a knowledgeable third party. It means that I can now re-visit it and iron out the doubtless faults in it.

I've also got solid ideas for two more shorts, which I'm working on.

Congrats to Martin, who has one of his scripts through to the semis, and commiserations to Dom who didn't make the semis either (but his has got a nice new writing room, though).

I'm awaiting Red Planet to ask for full scripts of both my entries...

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