Monday, 1 October 2007

Draft Update

Well, it seems that my first stab wasn't too bad after all.

The Director sent my draft off to a possible/probable Producer for his thoughts/opinions, and then sent me a copy of the mail that he received back. On first reading I didn't know who this other guy was (I thought he was another writer the Director had approached) and initially experienced a pang of "if you're going to be sooo picky then I'll walk away from it and let you get on with it", but as I read the mail, the more I understood the angle from which it was being written in. And it made sense.

There were parts of the original script that I had felt were dubious, but I left intact. After all, if it were my original and some writer I'd asked to help ripped it apart and said it was crap, I wouldn't like it at all (not that I'm saying the original elements were crap, but you get the point, right?). So I left them in. These were, in the main, the areas the possible Producer said needed working on or changing completely.

Fine. So today I re-drafted again; changed several elements, built on the 'evil' side of the bad guy and completely changed the nature of the ending. So it's been sent back off, and I await the response.

I don't know the Producer and he doesn't know me, but he sounds like a very intelligent and probably handsome man. He writes "...Who have you got writing this at the moment? Who is Andrew Goodman? He's done well with this, he's a writer alright, it does show."

Like I said, he's obviously a highly intelligent and astute man.

Also, either my new draft or the old one is going to be sent to this guys business partner (a director) and another Producer whose currently working for ITV. Cool! My name's on the draft and if they like it... who knows?

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