Tuesday, 9 October 2007


I had two messages from the director yesterday... and I'm not sure which one was sent first.

I don't get a good mobile signal at home, so when I went out to do some shopping I got a text message sent through from him saying "... do you think this could be a full length film? 90 pages" and the other message I got was an e-mail saying that he'd printed the latest draft off and was about to read it.

There's two issues I have with this; the initial script request was to help with an 8-page short (which has already nearly doubled in size), with no financial compensation. Fine. This wouldn't take up too much of my time and it would help my development. But turning it into a 90-page feature..? I've written one feature length piece before and it takes a lot of time and effort. Time which I don't really have to spare right now. Also, I don't mind writing a feature length spec (be that TV or film) for me, to then pass on, enter it into competitions and try to get interest in it, but spending the time on developing the short into a feature effectively for someone else, doesn't really inspire me.

Yes, there may be potential for it down the line, but in my heart of hearts, I not sure that this topic or style will return the time invested in it. I may be wrong, and often am, but there you go.

If the director is set on having this lengthened then I think he'll have to continue with someone else. C'est la vie, as B*witched once wisely said.

See the title does tie up with the content... sort of.


potdoll said...

sounds like you two need a proper chat. good luck with it.

Andy Goodman said...

I'm also concerned for him. If he's never made a short before, taking on a feature is a little ambitious.

Jon Peacey said...

I'd go with the 'proper chat' advice.

I've a friend in a similar position: doing a free Short script but getting so little coherent/ consistent feedback from the director so it's starting to look more like a mickey take. I keep telling him 'talk properly to this bloke and get it all clarified'...

Andy Goodman said...

Sound advice.
Thanks guys.