Sunday, 16 September 2007

Time and Tide

As I've previously posted... where does the time go? It seems only the other week when I was cooking Christmas lunch in the caravan near Chippenham (God that was awful! - the caravan that is, not lunch).

In the hope that my second entry gets requested for the Red Planet comp, I've reviewed it and asked a respected Blogger if he's still willing to read through it and offer comments. This isn't the supernatural mystery, which is still on the back-burner, and ticking over nicely. I get the feeling that I'll be chopping huge sections from it though, after the first draft is done.

I've been reading with interest on other Blogger sites about the state and opinion of downloadable screenplays the Net has to offer. It seems that I'm not alone in thinking that most (80%+) are really pretty dreadful. And this leads onto why professional Readers have such a low opinion of the majority of the scripts they have to plough through.

This gives me an even more determined stance to really make an effort before sending my scripts to be Read by a script-call or other such requests.

I subscribe to 'Shooting People' on the scriptwriting and pitch Issues and am a Candidate Member of the WGGB. If you aren't a member of either these then I'd suggest that you should think about it. Advice/Help/Backup are all provided by these two organisations, and Shooting People in particular (in the Screenwriters Network Issues) allow writers to comunicate and help each other to improve our scripts.

In the last week I've responded to two requests for script reading/help and have received and replied with notes to one of them - a young Director in South Wales, who has asked me to help develop his short script further. There's no money in it, but it's something. And by the sound of his script, something with potential.

I've also read/commented on another Bloggers two short scripts, which I think have been well received, and an offer has been made to do the same with a piece of mine - hence the re-working of the second RP entry.

The bright lights of fame and fortune can only be a stone's throw away - can't it?

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Lucy said...

Good for you Andy... Only way to get good at writing is to immerse yourself in it 100% - and helping other people will always boomerang back to you in a GOOD way.