Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Red Planet Saviour

That's Mr Danny Stack.

On his Blog Site he's re-assured all people that had late entries for the RP comp bounced back, saying that they will all be processed in due course. However, he's made the very generous offer of those of us (that would feel more comfortable) in re-sending the bounced entries to him at dstack30 at hotmail dot com, with proof that the original try was bounced. No cheeky late entries!


Danny has now posted a new mail address: resubmission at redplanetpictures dot co dot uk

If anyone has sent a re-try to the 'dstack' address need not re-send.

Thanks again Danny.


I think that this offer is more than we should expect and is evidence that he is a top bloke (I've never met him), and he's opened himself up to a great deal of extra work, with no kick-back.

Cheers Danny.


Lucy said...

I've met him and he IS a top bloke. Has a frightening beard tho, gave me nightmares.

Andy Goodman said...

Nothing wrong with frightening beards! Although my is just a little scary.