Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Red Planet Horror?

After posting on Saturday about my second entry for the Red Planet comp, I opened up my mailbox today to find an 'underlivered mail' message. This came because the mailbox to Red Planet on Saturday was apparently FULL! My mail-server will try to re-deliver etc etc, but will they accept it?

If they don't - fine, if they do - bonus!

But that got me thinking about anyone else sending entries over to RP close to the deadline. I sent my mail just after 10am, and the mailbox was full! How many other entrants (with their one-and-only entry) left it to the last minute, and may not have their submission accepted?

Obviously, I have no idea what the stance of the RP guys is; they may accept entries sent on Saturday because of the full mailbox situation, or not. Either way, I don't think us last-minuters have anything to complain about. With hind-sight it seems obvious now that hundreds of people may have thought the same thing and used every second to hone their ten pages.

Also, looking at the RP site, they thank the 'hundreds' of people that have entered. Hundreds? Surely they mean thousands, don't they?

I'm glad that my first choice entry went in well ahead of the deadline.

Thanks to Tony and all the others involved in the RP comp, for giving us a chance.

Anyway, good luck to all that have entered, but as everyone else says not too much luck!


Oli said...

Sent mine on Thursday, got the same message this morning. Gah!

Lucy said...

OH NO!!!! That sucks!!! Tony J is a god though and will grant superpowers to all those who don't get through though. Or am I living in la-la land? (Don't answer that)

Jason Arnopp said...

How bizarre, though, that their mailbox should become full...

I haven't had one of those messages back (yet... ulp) and I sent my second entry in on Saturday afternoon. Wonder if they'd become aware of the problem by then and cleared it out...