Tuesday, 25 September 2007

BSSC Fever

The Kaos/NFTS BSSC competition has announced the Third Round qualifiers...

After reading Dom Carver's post about his Short making the cut, I followed his link and had a peak at the list. Yep, mine's there too! By my reckoning they're down to about 160'ish from over 2000 original entries. Dom's pretty excited to have made it through and, let's face it, so am I.


Apparently the fine Mr Martin Adams has made the cut, with TWO entries still intact!
Now that's some going. Well done, sir.

The rumour is, is that there's one more round then the semi's.

More biting of nails to come, then.

Well done to the others out there that have made it through as well.


Jason Arnopp said...

That, sir, is bleedin' marvellous. I suggest you ruffle your beard with pride. :)

Lucy said...

Well done.

I will have to kill you too tho...

I can fit you in for an all-over flaying a week next wednesday or an acid erosion this friday. Pick your pref and I'll get back to you, my schedule's a mess at the mo.

Jason Arnopp said...

Can I have an all-over flaying too, Luce? Or does that come as standard issue with blog-marriage?

Andy Goodman said...

I think I'm free on Friday, thanks.
Two o'clock suit you?

Jason - consider my little beard ruffled.