Thursday, 27 September 2007

The Big Sleep (Easy?)

Yesterday I eventually got in touch with the student Director based in South Wales, regarding a collaboration with a 'noir' style Short script he has as part of his studies, that I got in contact through the Shooting People Scriptwriters' Bulletin. A couple of weeks or so ago I took a look at his script, offered some suggestions and a proposed re-write. He then asked if I'd like to continue to help the script/Short through to development.

He has something in style akin to 'The Big Sleep' in mind (black-and-white, noir, gangster'ish(what? it's a word)) but with a British edge; slang, tone etc. I think the premise he has, has the potential to be good as long as the end result avoids cliche's. It's due to be filmed in Jersey next July.

So, I've got a week to produce a (new) draft for him to have a look at. Shouldn't be a problem, right? Easy? The thing is, I don't think I know enough current British slang to cut the mustard. And I doubt that watching 'Lock, Stock...' and 'Snatch' will help all that much. Still, I've blagged things before.

Ooo, blag. Good word. I'll be using that one for sure.


martin said...

belated comgrats on the BSSC sir. well done!!

is that the Chandler broody world-weary Big sleep or the Hawks snappy sexy Big Sleep tho?

Andy Goodman said...

I suspect the Director's vision is leaning more towards the Chandler version, but now you mention it - the snappy sexy sounds much more appealing!

Thanks about the BSSC, and BIG congrats to you with two entries through!